mission and evangelism





Mission and Evangelism Councils cover all issues of  Missions and Evangelism and Gender. This council is responsible for managing all aspects of Christian teachings and ethics.
Mission Councils and Evangelism has two departments: –

  1. Mission and Evangelism Department
  2. The Department of Gender.

Mission and Evangelism Department

The Department of Missions and Evangelism covers all aspects of Missions, Evangelism, stewardship and all spiritual issues. The purpose of this Department is to accomplish the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.
“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, and teaching them to observe all things which I have commanded you; and , I am with you always unto the fullness of the dawn.” (Mathew 28: 19-20.)

Functions of the Department of Missions and Evangelism

  1. Preparing Policy of Missions and Evangelism that will apply at all levels of the diocese
  2. Developing strategies in collaboration with pastors, evangelists and all Christians in fulfilling the Mission of our Lord Jesus Christ
  3. Organizing and coordinating spiritual meetings, seminars and workshops in the dioceses.
  4. Ensuring that worship, spiritual meetings and seminars are taking place within parishes according to ELCT-NCD procedures.
  5. Supervising, coordinating and reporting  programs to the Mission and Evangelism Council.

Missions and Evangelism Sections

  1. Christian Education and Students
  2. Theology Education by Extension(TEE)
  3. Music
  4. Diaconia
  5. Revival

Theology Education By Extension

It is a program that offers various Theological Studies for Evangelists and other trainings for the diocese leaders .

The works of the Theology Education By Extension Programs

  1. Preparing lay Christians to become evangelists.
  2. Design and introduce various types of community-based training for the usefulness of the Gospel work.

Christian Education

This section that covers all aspects of religious teaching in Primary, Secondary, Colleges, Confirmations and Baptismal classes.

The Functions of the Christian Education Section

  1. Managing and directing the teaching and training of God’s Word in Primary, Secondary, Colleges, Confirmation and Baptismal Classes by following the Church’s procedures of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) and the  Christian Council of Tanzania  (CCT).


This unit covers all aspects of choir, music , musical trainings and musical performances in the Diocese.

Function of Music section

  1. To properly teach music and singing by following the foundations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
  2. Teaching music in the Districts and all our Parishes and emphasizing the excellent singing of Liturgy of our Church.
  3. Monitoring, advising and coordinating music in Districts  and parishes.


This is a diocese plan to revive Christian spiritually through the Word of God, Meetings, Seminars, Conventions and Prayers. Christians regain their power and new life and self-awareness after self-determination in Christian life and conduct.

Function of the revival unit

To revive and nurture  Christians spiritually through the word of God, gospel meetings, seminars, conferences and prayer.

Orphans and Widows Services


Orphans are non-parental or single parents. There are some who does not have even close relatives.

The orphans were found due to the deaths of their parents from trafficking by wild animals, civil war and infectious diseases like AIDS.

This service has begun in the Diocese in six trial parishes and in 2017 more five Parishes were added. Therefore this program is going on well.


This is the center of the needs of the needy and its foundation is in the word of God. (1Timothy 5:1-3)

Functions of the Diaconia Section

  1. Organizing and administering Policy and Guidelines in accordance with the procedures of the Diocese.
  2. Supporting specific groups such as orphans and widows
  3. Training committees on how to serve the needy.
  4. Identify the needy and help them.
  5. Enabling the needy to be self independent.
A house constructed for a widow and her family

Woman, Men, Youths and Children.

Gender Department


This department covers  all aspects of Women, Men, Youths and Children.

Given the challenges facing Children, Youths, Men and Women, the department will be involved in integrating all sections to ensure that all communities are participating and collaborating in reducing poverty and promoting sustainable  development for themselves.

Some of the responsibilities of the Department of Gender

  1. Prepare and manage the implementation of policies relating to women, men, youth and children.
  2. Organize conferences, seminars, workshops for women and men to achieve  sustainable development.
  3. Ensure that women , men, youth and children rights are met.


Women's Section


Women are a large group in the church as it is more than 50% of all members in the church. Despite their great contribution to the church, women are faced with many challenges derived from the social economic system based on misconceptions.

Social misconceptions that “the place of a woman is kitchen or home”.

The Women’s Section continues with efforts to encourage and educate women and community to know well the misconceptions that contribute to the reversal of women’s development.

The aims of the Womens' Section

The aim of this section is to build capacity for the Church and community about the importance of women in social development  as a whole.

Functions of the Women's Section

Organize, coordinate and conduct various workshops to build capacity for women and enable them to gain skills and knowledge in various fields. 

  1. Provide Bible Studies.
  2. Ensuring participation of women in decision making processes.
  3. Provide training on entrepreneurship.
  4. Provide training on environmental care.
  5. Provide training on nutrition for children and women. .
  6. Provide training on Women’s Health.
  7. Provide training on bad culture and practices which discriminate against women.


Men's Section


This is new section that deals with men issues in the Diocese.

Functions of the Men's Section

  1. Organize and manage the implementation of policies relating to men throughout the entire Diocese
  2. Pray for the church and the family.
  3. Protection and care of the family
  4. Developing and promoting various gifts of men and enabling them to use them well in developing the Family, Church and the Nation as a whole
  5. Strengthen and promote gospel work from the family level
  6. Resist misconceptions that affect both men and women spiritually, psychological, social and physical


Youth's Section

The purpose of the presence of the youth section

  1. Help young people to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives
  2. Raising young people physically, mentally and spiritually within congregations through:
    •  Participating and leading church services
    • Attending Youth seminars
    • Conventions  of the Word of God
    • Youth participating in Mission programs within and outside  the diocese
    • Empower youth through;
      • Entrepreneurship Seminars and enable them to introduce small-scale production projects
      • Guide them avoid bad cultural practices
      • Seminars on health education
      • Motivate young people to participate in church activities, personal development, politics, social development and national security 

Youth Section Plans

  1. Share with the parishes, institutions / departments, and voluntary parties to support and acknowledge youth policy
  2. Raising young people through seminars,study tours, workshops and conferences to be good Christians, by living according to their faith in Christ.
  3. Connect youth to social groups where they will share ideas, challenges and opportunities 
  4. Encourage young people to Volunteer in church and social activities
  5. Educate youths to focus on self-employment
  6. Strengthening  sports and games, cultural  and talent shows among young people, so as to promote creativity

Youth "Twenzetu kwa Yesu" Concert


Children's Section


Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Our Focus: Reach all children with the Gospel, Education and Training


Reaching each child with the word of God in truth and all purity through Sunday School teachers and Parents focusing on :

  1. Raising and strengthen them in an effective life
  2. Providing guidance on the life of children and their community
  3. Providing regular spiritual education for children
  4. Connecting the knowledge of God’s Word with the normal Education Proverbs: 4:10
  5. Raising children  in a caring manner to consider and help others
  6. Helping them improve their lives by designing small-scale projects


    Sunday School

    This is the basic section in the church that children are being prepared for sacred worship.

    Section conduct trainings to Sunday School teachers and provide them with training materials.

     Kindergarten and Primary School

    This section provides Christian education teachings to pupils these levels of schools.



    This section collaborates with all  Compassion Centers run within the Diocese

    Orphans and Poor

    The Section has a program that deals with Orphans and vulnerable children.